Let’s Just Go!

Abbey and I have always had a heart and thirst for adventure. Within 6 months of us getting married we sold everything we had and moved to Canada. (Abbey was pregnant with our first!) This was a good learning experience and we ended up coming back as fast as we went because of medical issues. (My knee gave out and I couldn’t walk!)

A lot of time has gone by and we have made a lot of changes in our lives. I started a very successful IT career, we had two more kids and we are living in the suburbs. You could say that we have attained the “American Dream”. But…..I don’t think we want it!

Over the last five years we have been talking about traveling somewhere. First it was France. We set our hearts on France, started learning about the culture and started learning the language. (We bought Rosetta Stone and everything!) That kind of fizzled out last year as our thoughts on life and travel began to mold.

More recently, I have been absolutely fascinated with the Digital Nomad lifestyle. This lifestyle is centered around having an online-based career that enables you to travel as much as you like. This was so intriguing to me! The more I learned on this subject, the more I wanted to do this with my family.

We then started following some fantastic families on YouTube that have embraced this travel lifestyle. They are actually doing what we dream to do! They spend all of their time together as a family and are able to see the world! I immediately went to work on trying to figure out how I could make this dream happen.

The Family Travel Lifestyle Challenge

The wife and I kept going back and forth on what we wanted to do. We are both unsatisfied with living the standard definition of the “American Dream” and wanted to redefine it for ourselves. We decided that we needed to act….we have made a nasty habit of talking without doing. So, we created a goal, set our timeline, and set out to make it HAPPEN!

We gave ourselves 142 days to make it happen. Where are we going? Not sure yet. We just know we want to go.


Let’s JUST GO!!


You can follow us on this adventure on YouTube:

Let’s Just Go – Embracing a Life of Family, Freedom, and Travel
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  • RO VEL

    Try Philippines 🙂 Conversion for USD to PHP is win for USD.

  • Mark Ogilvie

    Chuck, barnacles have a mobile phase of life and then a stationary phase of life. Humans are way more complex creatures, so we are free to choose when and where to a much greater extent. I am very interested to see the mechanics of how you maintain high speed data connectivity when you need it, even if you find yourself taking rural routes for a while. Maybe this is easier to accomplish than it was even ten years ago. I love the way you describe setbacks and success so candidly. It helps your comrades of technology more than you will know.

  • Zayd