Chuck Keith - My Family

Who am I?

My name is Chuck Keith (AKA Charles Harold Keith III, CK3).

I am a man of faith, a husband and a father to 3 beautiful girls

I love coffee, technology, books and travel.

What do I do?

I am a Network and Voice Engineer in Dallas, Texas. If you want to know more, check out my site dedicated to all this wonderful stuff ---> NetworkChuck

What I'm About

My main focus right now is location independence. I want to have the freedom in my career and life to live and work from ANYWHERE!! Whether that means I have a WFH (work from home) job that allows me to work from anywhere or freelance work that offers the same convenience.

Whatever the case, I want to travel with my family and have the freedom to do this at any time. When I'm not working (the day job) and spending time with my family, I'm working on my efforts to make this dream a reality.

My Crew

Meet the people that make this all happen. God has blessed me beyond measure by putting these amazing people in my life.

Abbey Elizabeth Keith


The Wife

My other half, my partner, the love of my life. Couldn't do a thing without her.

Chloe Elizabeth Keith



My first kid.....she's creative, loves fashion and donuts

Addison Olivia Keith



The 2nd....she is really chill, a great dancer and loves blueberries

Camille Norah Keith



Our newest addition, due any day now!!

Moses Keith



Picked him up on the way back from our honeymoon and he's been around since! Love this guy!