Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Coffee is the single greatest thing. Period. It wakes the world up and fuels our passions!! Coffee is arguably (who would ever argue?!?!?) the greatest drink IN THE WORLD!! It’s healthy, it gives you energy and it tastes incredible.

Alas, the number of people who enjoy coffee correctly has dwindled down to a small few. Coffee is best enjoyed black. You miss so much of the intensity and mystery that each cup of coffee brings when you overshadow the taste with hazelnut or French vanilla. Don’t get me wrong, these flavors are amazing and it’s how I took my coffee for years…..until I saw the light.

Turning Point

One day I made the decision (a decision that I will look back on as the turning point in my life….jk…but not really) to start drinking it black. It was for dietary reasons that I made the jump (those nasty, evil carbs would no longer hold dominion over me!!).

3 Easy Steps to Start Drinking Black Coffee

1. Buy Quality Coffee

Bad coffee can usually be made to taste okay if you use copious amounts of creamer to mask the disgusting taste. But try to drink this same coffee black….bleh! To start drinking black coffee, make sure the coffee you are buying is up to snuff. How do you know what “good” or even “great” coffee is? I’m glad you asked. Here is the criteria I use:

  • CHECK THE ROAST DATE!! Really great coffee is coffee that was roasted less the 2 weeks before purchase. Most coffee you buy in grocery stores does not have roast dates on the package so this pretty much eliminates these locations. (Yes, this includes Starbucks!) Your best bet is to find a local coffee shop or Coffee Roaster. A simple Google search will come up with some great options. I’ve been getting my coffee from Addison Coffee Roasters in Dallas. —>( (The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is ridiculous!) Dunn Brothers, a coffee shop and roaster, is another great option with locations throughout the US —->
  • Don’t buy Folgers.
  • Buy different varieties and find your taste. Coffee typically comes in a dark, medium, or light roast, each offering different, but still enjoyable takes on great coffee. Try them all and see what you prefer. Also, buy different types of coffee from various regions and roasters. This will make drinking black coffee even more fun and will open up your palette to coffee around the world. The easiest way to experience a variety of quality coffee to is purchase a coffee subscription. I tried the Bean Box subscription service and it was fantastic!! They send  you a box of coffee from a variety of roasters in Seattle…all fresh! —–>
  • Buy whole bean!!!! Grind your own coffee people. It’s a 10 second step that will revolutionize your coffee drinking experience.

For me, quality coffee usually just means fresh and locally acquired. If you buy a bag of coffee from a local joint that roasted the beans a few days ago… won’t be disappointed.

2. Take baby steps….wean yourself off the cream and sugar.

This step for me was key. Going cold turkey on cream and sugar is not an enjoyable experience and will often discourage the endeavor entirely. Coffee has a sophisticated taste and is not welcoming to those who are not prepared for it’s bold flavor. The steps are simple: Measure out how much cream and sugar you normally use and start to give yourself less each week over a span of 2-4 weeks until you reach the nirvana of drinking black coffee.

3. Master Your Brew

Starting with great coffee is the most important element, but your brew will make or break your cup. Learning how to brew that perfect cup of coffee is essential. This will be a trial and error process but can also be really fun. Most of you have a standard drip machine….and that’s fine! This will handle most of the struggle. Your job is to make sure your grind and quantity are correct. This site is one that I’ve used to master brewing methods such as the French Press and Vac Pot, check them out —-> Grind size and quantity is essential to zeroing in on a perfect cup that will make your black coffee drinking experience a delight. Also, don’t be afraid to try different methods. Each method produces a different cup that brings out different elements. It’s become a hobby of mine to acquire all methods.


Well folks, that’s it! Drinking coffee has it’s obvious perks (<—-yeah, perks) and transitioning to drinking it black will take you to a whole other level. #blackcoffeematters

3 Easy Steps to Start Drinking Black Coffee
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